Thursday, January 31, 2013

{IMPD} Superhero Party

Wow! So,  I've been away from the blogging life for a while. Actually, I had kinda  given up on it until my dear friend found me on PINTEREST! I can't imagine how I would act if I ever was famous, because for about 5 seconds, I felt like party celebrity and I was ready to quit my day job!  I guess people out there in cyberspace can find me and do look at my little parties. SO..I was inspired to begin blogging again.....

We just had a party for my favorite little superhero, my son, Ryan. He's such an awesome kid and I couldn't wait to throw him a well-deserved, fun party. He started school this year, so we moved from family/ friends kids to school kids. It is bitter-sweet to take this leap, but so fun to watch him interact with other kiddos his age. I could gauge how well I was doing as a mom by the way he treated his peers. I don't always get that chance. And, in true Ryan form, he was an absolute sweetheart!

I found LOTS of inspiration on Pinterest and I LOVE, LOVE all the party chicks out there and I would love nothing more than to support their handmade with love businesses, but unfortunately, I work on a budget, so I had to do a lot of creating on my own. I am going to try and tag everyone I was inspired by, but if you read this and think, "Hey, she ripped off my idea", please email me. I give credit where credit is due, I promise it was an oversight.

Without farther ado, here is Ryan's 5th Birthday Party!

Wait....I promise we are getting to it, but I first must explain what Ryan's vision for this party was. Not only did he want to save the town, but he wanted his favorite superhero, Spiderman, there. And since Spiderman was coming it only made sense in his mind, to have an enemy show up so they could fight. I knew I had to make this happen. And I have to work on a budget. The answer: I recruited my hubby to play the part of Spiderman and his friend (who has no children I might add! haha!) to play Lizard Man. It was hilarious!!! My son had no clue. Guess he didn't miss ol dad too much! I ordered the costumes from Costume Express for about $25.00 each. It was well worth it!

January bday people can relate to what I am about to say: You never know what the weather is going to do.  For that reason, we rented the dingy, smelly, old clubhouse. One day when I'm rich I will have my own building for this purpose, but until then, it works.

This are the adult tables. The inflatables hanging from the fans I found on EBay for about $5 each (shipped). They were 24 inches tall and Ryan has loved playing with them since. We served baked potatos with crock pot BBQ chicken and all the fixins for the adults (cheap!).

This is one of the kids tables. I made the table overlay with fabric I found at Joanns. I cut a square and hemmed. Nothing fancy here. The placemats were simply 12x12 scrapbook paper that I cut into a circle and added letters. The centerpieces were cut with my Cricut and placed on a stick and stuck into a tin from the dollar bin at Target.

The BOOM and KAPOW is clip art I copied and pasted from Google images. I printed and hand cut. The superhero DumDums were stuck in the tins. I bought the pattern from here.

These are my old faithful milk bottles. You see these a lot at my party. Yes, I have to wash them, but saves money on paper goods and it's better for the environment. I found these paper straws in the dollar bin at Michaels and the flag I simply printed, hand cut and glued a piece of paper to. We also had water bottles. The labels I made using Photoshop Elements.

This is my easy attempt at a backdrop. I had hubby build a wooden frame 44 inches by 36 inches. I bought one yard of fabric and stapled it on there. Then I made this banner by hand cutting an old comic book from Half Price Books ($2). I cut letters with my Cricut and glued them on. The batman I hand cut as well. I will share my source later in this post. The one on the lower part of the board is Ryan's creation and hey, it is his party!

 The bday boy and his brother.

 Every guest received a superhero cape when they came in. They had to wear their capes to participate in the missions. I sewed these with a pattern from Etsy. My mom monogrammed their names on them.

This is a store bought WalMart banner.I jazzed it up with fake spiderwebs and handcut spiders.

 This is my newest party addition. I bought one of these for each of my kiddos from VistaPrint. Yard signs to be used every year!

This is the games set up. We played several games I got from this site. My hubby lead the games and every 5 minutes or so, Lizard Man came creeping in and they fought. So cool!

Here is Ryan looking for Lizard Man.

Next time he will do what I ask the day of the party with a SMILE! Revenge! Making him ride a tricycle! LOL



 And my favorite part, the cake. My friend from church made it and hardly charged me anything. What a blessing!

 I hope you are inspired. It was a great party! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{IMPD} Elephant Baby Shower

My bestie is having a baby! Her first baby! She is awesome in every way and she's more than just a BFF, she's more like a sista from another mister! The day she suggested we skip class, paint our nails and sit on the balcony of our dorm, and drink a cold beer, I knew she was the one for me. Since that day back in 1997, we have been inseparable and I am so excited for the arrival of my nephew, Silas.

I, however, am not the only one who loves this gal to pieces. It was a real group effort. Her mom, my mom, her MIL, and her sisters were also very involved. Although, they allowed me to take the creative lead, they had some wonderful ideas that came to life. It was a group effort, and they were all a joy to work with!

Here is the entry table. We had the baby book to sign in, his ultrasound pic, a diaper wreath (made from rolled up diapers stuck on a wire wreath), a tree I cut with my Cricut that said Wishes (each person wrote a wish for baby on the leaves), and a picture I created in Photoshop Elements.

The venue was beautiful and this fireplace allowed us to create a real focal point. The bags on the mantle spell BABY SHOWER and inside are baby items corresponding with the letter on the bag (i.e., in the B bag is a burp cloth). These were used for a game where the guests had to guess what was in the bag. The winner received a prize and the mom-to-be got extra gifts!

Another game we did was "Never Say Baby". This is a baby shower classic. I made these bowtie necklaces since she is having a little boy.

For the d├ęcor, my mom made several diaper cakes. She stuffs them with all kinds of goodies. She loves making them, and she has become really good, too!

For the food, we did all kinds of finger foods and chicken salad sandwiches. Everything was wonderful. The food is always my favorite part! :)

 We wanted the seating to be elegant. So white table cloths is was!

I found these on Pinterest and had to make them. A great way to jazz up folding chairs and a great alternative to traditional chair covers, which I am over, by the way. My mom monogrammed these. She has a fancy machine!

There were two round tables and the co-hosts made these awesome centerpieces. They used a French fry holder and stuffed them with more goodies! I never would have thought of that, but will definitely be doing in the future.

I love this! Pics of mom and dad as babies!

This is kinda funny.... Mom-to- Be is a HUGE football and UT fan. She wanted to have the GAME ON at her SHOWER. UMMMM.....NO! I blocked it out!!! Fixed her!!! I made these fans. I love them. You will be seeing these same fans at a future party!

And me (on the left) and my bestie- from beer bottles to baby bottles, from Madonna concerts in NYC to Sesame Street LIVE, from little 2-door cars to mini-vans. Party at my crib takes on a whole new meaning....... <3